Monthly Trance Mediumship Circles

Based in Ripon, Margaret is a trance physical medium, and a sought after tutor in mediumship and psychic development. Her background is psychological, so the training is geared on understanding the basics of mediumship and the mind. She has been teaching metaphysical therapies in Harrogate and overseas for nearly 30 years. Her skills lie in understanding your individual challenges, and focusing on your fortes.

Her home clinic is relaxed, very open, and has been running successfully for nearly 30 years. One to one personal tuition is also available. These services are tailored to the clients individual needs, as everybody has different strengths.

As from October 2020, please note that my weekly Tuesday mediumship workshop format has now changed.


I will be holding the 2nd Tuesday of each month here in Ripon, a maximum of 10 people who will be working (socially distanced) in 2 separate rooms. Those workshops are for trance physical mediumship development.

The last Tuesday of each month, will be the closed seance group at a cost of £10.

Regarding the closed seance group, we will only be able to take a maximum of 10 people.

Please note - All circles held in person (in Ripon) will be booked on a strictly first come first served basis.

My belief is that everyone is capable of learning psychic and mediumship skills. This is a natural instinct that some have been born with, and others can learn. It is not something that is only for the chosen few.


If you are interested in this subject, then this skill can be developed. Margaret begins with the basic mechanics of mediumship, giving you an understanding of the beautiful energies that you will be working with and an understanding of your own energy levels. Mediumship affects your body on a physiological level and your mind is used for communication.



Online courses are also available to download (coming soon) for those who are unable to attend weekly workshops. These courses will be fully online, and available in separate modules - some of which will be certified courses in the following :


  • The mechanics of mediumship

  • Scientific explanation of energy fields

  • Aura's & Chakras

  • Basic psychology of mediumship

  • Breathing techniques

  • Cleansing & protection

  • Expansion Of Energy

  • Psychic Development

  • Healing Techniques

  • An Introduction To Mediumistic Skills

I specialise in Trance Physical Mediumship. I have written an online course which comes with a downloadable eBook, meditations and exercises. More details will be coming soon...

I passionately care about my work, and the developing of my students learning skills. This is an academic course, therefore, a one to one interview to assess your skills and needs is required before starting the distant learning modules.