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NLP & Hypnosis

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a form of therapy that helps you to understand better than ever before how you think and feel and how you and others create successes and results. NLP gives you a set of tools for getting more out of your life.


It helps make you aware of all those things that are NOT working for you anymore, and allows a new way of thinking. Margaret is a true professional in NLP and offers this from her home clinic in Ripon.

NLP is a practical, philosophical outlook on life. 


From her clinic in Ripon, Margaret will help you gain self excellence, and bring about those changes. NLP by Margaret could be the best thing that you have ever done. The best investment in yourself. 




Margaret De-Petro ABNLP






Time Line Therapy™

Time Line Therapy™ is a result of 20 years of research and development in creating quick results to change your life effectively. This model has become widely known as one of the most successful and effective methods for creating a quick and lasting change for you as an individual.

This is generally combined with the NLP and hypnosis techniques, and together, accelerates your competence to a level that is rarely found in therapeutic or self improvement. 


Speak to Margaret today to find out how you can change your life for the better.... 


Margaret De-Petro CTLTA

Timeline Therapy
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