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Celtic Heritage Healing

Celtic Heritage Healing™, is a mixture of therapies, which could include a body treatment with healing and massage, together with hypnotherapy.


Or, it could be a combination of cartology, and mind therapies with a life coaching facilitation.


It all depends on the challenge that you are working on at the time. It is an exciting therapy that helps you re-evaluate your current circumstances, which could be stress related, or career challenging, or just for pure relaxation.


















The treatment lasts 90 minutes and is priced £100.


Celtic Heritage Healing™ is an exciting, innovative approach to energy work founded by Margaret De-Petro in 2011. It is a complete therapy, blending the mastery of ancient celtic symbols and ritual, with modern day healing techniques, for self development and self excellence.


It can include body and healing treatments, simple but powerful techniques and exercises, in NLP, hypnosis, and life coaching, cartomancy, and much much more.

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