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Aura Photography
With Reading

Margaret De-Petro, based in Harrogate and Ripon begins your session by explaining what aura photography is, and how it works.

With aura photography, Margaret's state of the art equipment will allow you to see your beautiful colours appear around your head and shoulders. Your colours are unique to you, made up of the oils and vapours you give out, caught in your own electromagnetic energy field.

This can be electrified, spectrified and photographed in real time, caught on the video screen for you to see. 

The next stage will be to see your full body chakra's, depicting various components, again in real time.

Reflecting you as you are at that moment in time.

Your aura is a living organism.

You will receive 6 photo's via email shortly after the session and a recording of the reading (which Margaret provides in her own unique way during the session). Margaret will share what she intuits energetically and then completes the session with your birth & growth cycle numerology.

You are also welcome to take your own photographs with your camera during the session.

An aura photography with reading session lasts between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Cost per 1 hour session - £70


6 Photo's (sent via secure email)

A reading during the session

A copy of the reading (audio file)

1 free meditation (sent via email)

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