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About Margaret

Margaret has been teaching metaphysical therapies since 1987, and is a sought after tutor in the UK and across Europe. She runs a busy clinic in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

Her passion is facilitating others to develop a wide range of skills from thought therapies, to NLP, life coaching and hypnotherapy to metaphysical therapies - mediumship and psychic development.

She specialises in trance physical mediumship and holds weekly closed seance circles at her home clinic in Ripon. Her narrative is proof of life after death on a scientific level, using modern day equipment,, sophisticated technology of infrared cameras, motion capture and recordings.

If you wish to know more about how Margaret works, please visit her MemberVault page where can find meditations, workshops, online courses and talks.

Margaret has written several books and recorded over 50 audio CD's, and has been invited on numerous occasions to talk about her work on TV and radio (both here in the UK and in Europe). Margaret was recently involved in the fast selling book "Fear of the Beyond".

She has had various magazines promoting her own healing therapy 'Celtic Heritage Healing' and also taught at 'Frequencies' in Switzerland, the Medical Centre in Colombia, and across Italy.

Most of Margaret's courses are accredited and insurable with IPTI.


"The more you know and learn, the more you realise you're on a never ending path of discovery"


Margaret De-Petro

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